Booking a Golf Tournament

Booking a Golf Tournament

Article Contents:

How to book a golf tournament as well as charging the tournament for rounds to populate in the rounds reports and the green fees and cart fees mapping to the proper GL Code.

Step by Step:

Step 1: Navigate to the Events Module. Then, click on Banquet Manager (We are not using Golf Outing Manager since we are blocking the tee sheet with a group reservation). Click Add Event, then follow the steps below:

- Enter the Customer Name.
- Enter the Event Name.
- Enter the Event Date.
- Enter the Event Time.
- Preliminary Guest Count.
- Click Save.

One the event is created you can take a deposit from the register or by sending them the deposit link.  To get the link, click on payment and copy the link at the bottom.  

Step 2: Click Rack Rate Management. Then, Find the Tournament Green Fee and Click on Copy.

This will create a new rate (Tournament Copy) – click on Edit.

Step 3: Next, follow the steps below:

- Change the name of the fee – this can be the name of the group or Tournament and the date.
- Update the price.
- Change the start date to the date of the event.
- Change the end date to the date of the event.
- Update the display sequence to 15 or later (so this rate shows at the very bottom of the list).
- Click Next.

Step 4: 
This next screen is where you will edit the combo:

- Under Tournament GF click Edit.
- Update the price to the difference between the total price and the cart price.  For example if the Tournament Rate is $75 and the cart fee is $15 you will update the GF to $60.
- Click Save.
- Click Save Again.

This rate will now be available on the tee sheet to select. 

Step 5: Create the Group Reservation - 
Go to the tee sheet and right click on the first time of the event/group and select Add Group Reservation.

- A new box will pop up – add the details of event.
- Make sure Auto Select is checked – this will block the tee sheet based on the number of players.
- Make sure 18 is checked.
- Enter the group name.
- Enter the number of golfers.
- Under Group Price 1 – select the rate that you just created.
- Enter the customer name if you choose.
- Click Save.

The tee sheet is now blocked and you can add pre shotgun and turn blocks around the group reservation as needed.

Step 6: Checking in the event: 

- Right Click on the Group Reservation.
- Click on Checkin +.
- Enter the number of Golfers that actually showed up.
- Click on Update.
- This will check box each player and show you that are billing them the Group A price that you created
- Click on Checkin.
- This will bring the total into register.
- Click Pay.
- Click Event Charge – OK.
- Click the Magnified Glass.
- Find the event you charge the green fees  - highlight and click done.
- Once the Event ID is entered Click Ok.

Step 7: Checking in a group reservation per person:

You can use Group Reservation to check in golfers where each person is paying separately and this will be used with the same set up just don’t need to use the Checkin + you can use Check-in Price 1 ($75) or Quick Pay Price 1 ($75).

- Right click on the group reservation. 

- Click on Check-in Price 1
– this will bring the fee into the register to add range balls, credit book, or additional merchandise to the cart and you can finish the payment.
- Click on Quick Pay Price 1 – This will skip the register and go right to the payment screen.

Step 8: Viewing the Check-ins from the Tee Sheet:
- Right Click on the group reservation
- Click on View Check-ins.

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