Check-in Tee Time,

Check-in Tee Time

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Article Contents:

This article contains a step-by-step guide on how to check-in a tee-time.  

Step By Step

Step 1
: Click on the TEE SHEET tab from the main menu (1). 

Step 2: Find and select the reservation from the Tee Sheet (2).

Step 3 (Option a): 
Right-click on the reserved time slot and click on Check-in (3) from the drop-down menu.


Step 3 (Option b): Double click on the reserved time slot, once the pop-up window opens, fill in the golfer's information (1) and then click on Check-In (2).

Step 4:  After using any of the options above for check-in, an order will be created for a particular user and you will be directed to the Register tab in the main menu.
1) You can also click on direct check-in while on booking pop up following the same booking tee time method, in case of a walk-in.
2) Additionally, you can utilize the Quick-Pay functionality to check-in and pay directly from the tee-sheet. 

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