Distributing from a Credit Book Holding Account

Distributing from a Credit Book Holding Account

Distributing from a Credit Book Holding Account

Step 1: In order to pay out the holding account balance into vouchers that can be distributed to customers we can navigate back to the "Tools" section of the register and choose the "Credit Book Distribution". 

Step 2: This will launch the Credit Book Distribution manager. In the top left-hand corner you can specify the number of new vouchers we will be creating. 
A) If desired the user can use the "+" icon to create a new customer profile or search for the customer using the magnifying glass icon.
B) Under the voucher number column you can specify a custom voucher number or alternatively swipe a hard gift card number.
C) The validity start date is automatically set to today, you can adjust this date if you wish for this voucher to be available at a later time.
D) If desired you are able to specify a voucher expiration date in the "Expiration Date" column.
E) If desired you can leave a note record against each of the created vouchers.

In the example below, I'll be distributing the $100 we deposited earlier into five new vouchers at $20 each. I specified a customer on the first voucher but left the remaining vouchers as anonymous.

Step 3:  After hitting "Pay", you are able to find the newly created vouchers under the "Vouchers" module, then clicking "Credit Book Vouchers" and then "Credit Books". 

In our example below, you'll find the credit vouchers we created in the step above. Additionally, we have the options to edit/view and print voucher information as well as delete or view the details voucher usage.

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