Establishing A Sync to QuickBooks Desktop

Establishing A Sync to QuickBooks Desktop

Step1: Ensure QuickBooks desktop is installed on the pc that you will be syncing from.

Step 2: Create a company in QuickBooks or utilize an existing company.

Step 3: Create a chart of accounts for the referenced company.

Step 4: Import the chart of accounts from QuickBooks to Club Caddie.
Outlined in the respective video, is a one time import of the chart of accounts using the import functionality within Club Caddie.
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Step 5: Journal Entry Setup.
The video below walks through the journal entry setup, during which you'll be asked to map transaction types or sub-departments to the corresponding account codes.
The important part to note here is that any transaction done within the point-of-sale can be mapped to any of the accounts established in step 4. 
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Step 6: Syncing
The sixth and final step in the process is syncing the gl code report to QuickBooks as a journal entry.
Navigating over to the "
Sync with QuickBooks" tab, we are selecting a date range that we would like to sync data for and click the "Sync with QuickBooks" option. It is advised that you start with a single date upon the first attempt.

The typical sync can take between 5 seconds to a few minutes depending on the data being mapped. During this process, the transactions are mapped against the options set up in step 5 and are ported to QuickBooks.

Once that is complete, a new journal entry is created and you are good to go!

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