How the Mobile App Works

How the Mobile App Works

Listing of the Modules in the Mobile App (Not all Courses will utilize all of the available modules)


The player will be able to utilize the Rangefinder module within the Custom Mobile App.  The rangefinder uses a mobile phone’s GPS location to measure distances from golfer to green and/or provides an overview (aerial view) of each hole with the ability to plan shots from anywhere — even away from the golf course. Club Caddie’s 3D feature — tilts the map to the perfect angle, giving your golfers a first-person perspective from anywhere on the golf course. Club Caddie rangefinder works at over 30,000 golf courses globally.  You can also choose to hide the Rangefinder tab in the Mobile App, if you so choose.


Using the Scorecard module, the player will be able to track not only their own score, but also other players within their group.  They will be able to select the tee they’re playing from and keep their own, and their playing partners scores.  They can also continue a round and view all previously completed rounds.  You can also choose to hide the Scorecard tab in the Mobile app, if you so choose.

ClubHouse Tabs

Account Info

Where the golfer can add a picture to their profile, update there personal info, change their password, or delete their account.  General App Settings is where the golfer can set-up the Rangefinder for the units of measure (Yards / Meters), Default view (Standard / 3D), 3D Icon, or Zoom Icons.  They can choose the default tees that they play in the Scorecard module and the default scoring type (Standard / Advanced).  They can also set the weather measurements in Celsius, or Fahrenheit and the Wind speed in KPH, or MPH 

Link your courses Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to the Custom Mobile App, allowing your players easy access to those social media platforms 

About the Course

Available to include in the App, is a module that offers an overview of the course and any pertinent information related to it

Bulletin Board

This is a message center where the golf course can send the players updates, for happenings at the facility, like aerification notices, weather delays, upcoming events, etc

Reserve Tee Time

This module will be the most used part of the App.  Players can book their reservations in advance with a user-friendly tool.  They’ll be able to pick the date in which they want to book, by using the date icon in the top left of the module, or sort by price, or time.  They can also refine their search based on price range, start time, number of golfers, or the number of holes.  Once the booking is confirmed in the App, it will appear on your tee sheet in Club Caddie.

My Tee Times

In this module, the player will be able to track all of their bookings, including bookings for today, along with both previous and upcoming bookings.  For each booking the player can tap into it and see the other players within that group

Membership Portal

Using the Membership Portal module, the player will be required to sign-in using their username and password.  Once logged in, they’ll be able to see all of the information as it relates to their profile including: Their contact details, membership #, current balance, total purchases, loyalty points if offered, a listing of their recent purchases, detailed information about each purchase, including the receipt and any information as it related to the sub-account connected with that primary account.

Membership ID Card

Each member using the App, will have a module for a Membership ID card.  This card can be shown when prompted, or required in various instances at the facility.


If your facility offers any additional bookable activities such as lessons, simulators, pickleball, etc, players will be able to book those activities using this module.  Once the booking has been confirmed on the App, it will appear within the Activities tab in Club Caddie

My Activities

Similar to the My Tee Times module, the My Activities module will list all booked activities for not only today, but any previous and upcoming activities that you have booked.  Any time that a player books any of the additional offers like a lesson, or a simulator bay, it will be listed in this module.

Order Food and Drink

This module allows the player to order any food and drink that you offer at the assigned food and beverage outlet.  Once the food has been selected, the player will proceed to Order Overview, where the totals for their order will be displayed.  It will also be here where the player can add a tip, and choose whether the order will be for Pick up, or Delivery. (Within Club Caddie / On Demand, you can toggle on and off the delivery option appearing)  Once that information is complete, the player will then Process Order, where they will either enter in the credit card information to pay, or if they are a member, they simply select their membership number.  Once the order has been placed, it will appear in Club Caddie / On Demand, with the order details.


In the Events module, the player will be able to register for any posted club events.  They’ll be able to register themselves, or multiple people, based on the event settings, enter in any required information, and pay in advance if required.

Special Events

Within the General Course info portion of the Settings in Club Caddie, you can manually populate information that pertains to an upcoming Special Events including links that will appear in the App for the player to see.

Golf Outings

Within the General Course info portion of the Settings in Club Caddie, you can manually populate information that pertains to an upcoming Golf Outing including links that will appear in the App for the player to see.


Golfer can message the Facility, that message then populates in the Customer/Member Profile in the Club Caddie desktop app

Contact / Directions

Within this module will be the facilities location, including map, address details, and phone number to connect with the course


This module is a listing of what is offered at the facility including, whether it’s Open to the Public, are Rental Clubs available, is walking allowed, what’s offered in the Pro Shop, what food and beverage outlets are available and if there is a bar.


In this module there is a short term and long term weather forecast for your facility


You can have a module in the Mobile App that features your key staff members, so that your players can be familiar with the golf course team

GolfBack + Golf Genius

Have a link available for our Integrations with either GolfBack, or Golf Genius featured in the Mobile App.

Any important steps to note or articles

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