Membership - Online Membership Sales & Application Creation

Membership - Online Membership Sales & Application Creation

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Our latest update revolves around the introduction of new settings under Class Management, aimed at improving the online sale and signup experience for memberships. These settings include the creation of custom sale strategies, the addition of terms and conditions specific to each class, the implementation of a cancellation policy, the proration of memberships, and the establishment of maximum assignments for memberships.


Step by Step

Step 1: Sales Strategy 
Navigate to Settings → Class Management → Action dropdown and select the "Sale Strategy" option.

  1. This allows for creating various sale options for classes, each with distinct names, dues amounts, and sub-member limits.

  2. Within this section, users have the flexibility to create multiple strategies per class to cater to different prospect preferences.

  1. However, users can expand on this by adding additional sub-members, such as a shared corporate membership or a prime membership, by clicking ADD and entering the Title, Due Amount, Processing Fee (if applicable), and Sub Member Limit and click  Save


It's important to note that an amount must be entered in the processing field to save the strategy, even if it is "0".

Step 2: Terms and Conditions: Under the same navigation path, find the "Terms and Conditions" option to input custom text applicable only to the selected class. 

  1. Once the terms and conditions are entered, hit Save. 

Step 3: Cancellation Policy: Similarly, the "Cancellation Policy" option allows for the addition of class-specific cancellation terms. 

  1. Once the cancellation policy is entered, hit Save. 

Step 4: Prorate on Sale: The "Prorate on Sale" field introduces the option to prorate memberships at the point of sale online and auto-calculate the prorated amount within a billing period. If this is enabled, the Membership Class that is assigned/purchased will be prorated when it is assigned to a Member, through the online sale.

  1. Toggle this option ON to allow this feature. 

  1. Enter the amount in the Maximum Assignments and click Save

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