Tee Sheet - Group Reservation

Tee Sheet - Group Reservation

Article Contents:

This article contains information about how to make the group reservation. 


Step 1: Right Click on the selected time slot, click on "Add Group Reservation".

Step 2: There will be a pop up to select and fill in the following:
a) Start Time 
b) End Time
c) Select Holes
d) Add Notes if any
e)Group Name
f) Number of Golfers
g) Select Group Price 1 / Price 2 *Price (at least one group booking pricing option is mandatory).
roup Price 3 / Price 4 *Price with selection cart option, may be included or not.
i) Click on Save
If you choose the "Auto Select" option ​Group booking will automatically book the correct amount of tee times based on the number of players input.

Step 3: You will find the time slot booked on the Tee Sheet.

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