Setting- Payroll Center

Setting- Payroll Center

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This portion summarizes how to Approve or Reject the TimeCard of users, how to add the TimeCard and how to set up the Payroll period through the Payroll center.

Step- By- By:

Note:- In the Payroll center there are two tabs.

A. User Pending List.
B. Payroll Center.

A. User Pending List: Approve or Reject the user's time log entry, add a time card, etc.

Step 1: Click on the "Gear Wheel" icon from the right top corner of the window. Select "Payroll Center" from the left row of the window.

Step 2:Click on the "User Pending List" tab. Under this tab, you can see the manually added time log entry of users. Click on the "Edit" button to "Approve", "Pending" Or "Reject" the user request. You can make changes in other fields also like In date, Time and Cash Tips then click on the "Save" button. Once you "Approved" the request it will disappear from the user pendings list.

Step 3:-Click on "Add Time cards" to add time cards for users manually. The system will open a new "Add Time Cards" ppop-upwindow. Select the Users from the "Select User" Dropdown list. Fill ain ll the other info then click on the "Save time Card" button. the Time log entry will be approved automatically and it will be added to the "Clock In-Out" Report.

B. Payroll Center:- Set a Payroll Period, enable overtime, etc. 

Step 1:- Click on the "Payroll Center" tab to set a "Payroll Period", "Week Start Day" and can enable or disable the overtime functionality if required.
To set a Payroll Period, select a period from the drop-down list of Payroll Period. It can be "Weekly", "Bi-Weekly", "Monthly" and "Semi-Monthly".
The other feature will be enabled accordingly payroll period selection. For example. if you set a Payroll period "Monthly" it will ask to set a "Next Payroll start date", Week Start Day, etc. 
After changes made, click on the "Save" button.

Monthly Payroll Period

Semi-Monthly Payroll Period

Weekly Payroll Period

Bi-Weekly Period

Step 2:- Toggle it "ON" to enable the Overtime and Toggle it "OFF" to disable. 
If you Toggle "ON" the Overtime functionality it will open other settings. you need to toggle "ON" or "OFF" to enable or disable these settings.  
You can set, "Weekly overtime after" , "Daily overtime after", and "Daily double overtime after" then click on the "Save" button.


Daily Overtime

Daily Double Overtime:-

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