Settings - Custom Mobile App Builder

Settings - Custom Mobile App Builder

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After the initial set-up of your Custom Mobile App, in Club Caddie you’re now able to make adjustments to the modules that appear in your App, curating the desired experience that you want your players to have.


Step 1: In the top right hand corner of Club Caddie, you’ll find the Settings button.  Click on that button to access your Club Caddie Settings. (Some staff will not have access to settings based on their permission level)

Step 2: Once in Settings, on the left hand side of the screen you’ll see near the bottom of the list the Mobile App icon. Click on that button.

Step 3: Once you’ve accessed the Mobile App settings, you’ll then be in the App Builder screen.  In the top right corner, you’ll see the Add button.  Click on that button to proceed.

Step 4: You’ll next have a pop-up appear.  Within the Pop-up you’ll find three options: Identifier, Title and Display.

Identifier, is where you can choose what modules will be featured on your Custom Mobile App.  These options include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bulletin Board, About Course, Reserve Tee-Time, Golf Back, My Tee Times, Membership ID Card, Membership Portal, Activities, On Demand (Food and Beverage Ordering), Events, Golf Genius, Contact, Amenities, Weather, Special Events, Golf Outing, Staff, Messaging, Hide Rangefinder and Scorecard

Step 5: Within the Pop-up you’ll find three options: Identifier, Title and Display.

Title, allows you the option when choosing one of the above modules, to give a more appropriate name as it applies to your facility.  This gives you the flexibility to change what it is that your players see when in the app
Display Order, lets you organize the modules and how they will appear from the top of the Custom Mobile App to the bottom.  With 1 appearing at the top of the Mobile App, you can assign the order for all modules that appear, and adjust that order when needed.

As each facility is unique, the Club Caddie Custom Mobile App allows you to decide what modules apply to your facility, and will be most readily used by the players. The Mobile App settings function, also allows you to pivot on a moment's notice and update the modules within the Mobile App to align with the requests and feedback of your members and players.

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