Split Reserve

Split Reserve

Article Contents:

This article contains information on how to Split Reserve Tee Time bookings.


Step 1:  Go to the TEE SHEET Tab from the main menu (1).

Step 2:  Follow the same process to add a reservation provided in the article: " Reserve/Booking Tee Time "

Step 3:  After choosing the number of Players (it has to be more than 1), fill in the required fields in the text boxes (2).

Step 4:  Click on Split Reserve (3). 

Split reserved bookings will look like this in the tee sheet:

Step 5: On an existing multiplayer booking without a split reserve, you can open the booked Tee Time in case you want the reservation changed by clicking on Split Reserve.

Step 6: 
The booking will be highlighted on the Tee Sheet. It is divided with Player Names as Split Reserve for the time slot.

Split Reserve is only applicable to more than one player on tee sheet.

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