Tee Sheet - Group Quick pay

Tee Sheet - Group Quick pay

Article Contents:

This article gives step-by-step instructions on using Quick Pay in the Tee Sheet for a group of players.


Step 1: Click on the TEE SHEET module from the top of the navigation menu.

Step 2: On the tee sheet, there are time slots under the FRONT, MIDDLE, and BACK panels where tee times can be booked.

There are 3 ways to reserve tee times:

A: Click on the Add button next to the time on the slot.

B. Right-click on the particular time slot and click on Add Booking in the drop-down list.

C. Double-click on the time slot.  

Note: All 3 ways above open a booking popup that contains the booking details.

Step 3: With the booking details pop-up open, a number of different options are available. Select the number of Players. Fill in all the info, then click on the Quick Pay button.

Step 4: The system will generate a new PAYMENT MODE window. Select the payment type then click on the Ok button.

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