Tee Sheet - Repeat Tee Times

Tee Sheet - Repeat Tee Times

Article Contents:

This article contains Information of how to Tee Sheet - Repeat Tee Times.


Step 1: Click on the "Tee Sheet" from the header of the window.

Step 2: "Select Booked Tee time or Reservation from the Tee Sheet. Right-click on the selected booking. You will get the the list in which you can see the "Repeat" option. Click on "Repeat" option you will get the "Repeat Bookings" pop up window.

Step 3: The Repeat Bookings pop up window will open, fill in the details like Repeats, Daily, Weekly, Number of Days, Repeat every, Starts on, Ending Date for Repeat. A Summary is to be added to the repeat booking.

Step 4: 
Click on done and you will find a repeat icon on the Tee Sheet along with other tee time highlights.

Step 5: In case of canceling/editing the repetition, right click on the reservation, on the pop up labeled "Repeat Booking". Edit changes and click on Save or click on "Stop Repetition".

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