Using Inventory Modifiers

Using Inventory Modifiers

Article Contents:

You will learn how to apply Modifiers to Inventory items by either creating reusable modifier groups to reduce repetitive data entry, naming new groups and setting quantity limits, building out groups by adding modifier categories and options, quickly appending group options to menu items, enabling/disable specific modifiers per item. This will also review how to add one-off, item-specific modifiers when needed. Following these instructions will allow you to maximize the benefits of modifiers through streamlined processes, eliminate redundancies, and ensure logical configuration.

Step-by-Step Guide: 

Step 1: Accessing the Inventory Center

Log into your Club Caddy software and go to the Settings menu. Click on Inventory Center in the left sidebar. 

Step 2: Using Inventory Filters
The Inventory Center provides filters to find and manage items easily:

      2.1 Use the Department dropdown to filter items by type (Food, Beverage, Retail, etc)
      2.2. Use the Subdepartment filter to further categorize by subcategories. 
      2.3. Quickly access and edit menu items sorted by these filters.

Understanding Modifier Groups
Existing menus may list modifiers separately under each item or have a combination of modifiers listed under the inventory item or a group modifier can also be applied.

If you would like to add a modifier to the individual inventory item, skip to step 6. 

Modifiers listed under the inventory item: 

Modifier Groups allow you to create reusable options to apply across multiple menu items: 

Step 3: Creating a Modifier Group

      3.1 Go to Inventory > Inventory Modifier Groups Tab.
      3.2. Click "Manage Category"> Add Modifier Category > Enter a name for the new group.
      3.3. Set the minimum and maximum number of selections allowed from this modifier group > Close
For example, set a minimum of 1 if you would like at least one selection required and a maximum of 1 for something like Meat Temperature, so the customer can only pick one temperature option.
Step 4: Adding Items to a Modifier Group

To add items under the category, use the Modifier Category drop-down menu and select your category.  

      4.1 For each modifier, enter the name (EX. "Rare", "Medium Rare", "Medium", etc.), cost if any, and set as default if needed.
      4.2 Click "Create" once all options are entered to add them to the Modifier Group.
      4.3 Repeat to add multiple categories and modifier options to the group.

Step 5: Applying Modifier Groups to Inventory Items

      5.1 Click three dots under Action> Select Item
      5.2 The Inventory  List will show all inventory items this group is applied to. To add a new inventory item, click "Add Inventory" and check the box next to the relevant groups             to add (you can use the search function to narrow down).
      5.3 Check any inventory items you would like this modifier group applied.
      5.4 You can now enable or disable specific modifiers as needed for this item. Uncheck any options that don't apply.
      5. 5 Exit the window. 
      5. 6 Repeat for any other items that should use the same modifier group.

Step 6: Applying Modifiers to the Individual Inventory 
Sometimes you may need to add a modifier that is only relevant to a single menu item. In these cases, rather than creating an entire modifier group, you can add an item-specific modifier directly to that item.

      6.1 Click View/Edit of the inventory item you would like to apply a modifier. 
      6.2 Enter the details for the modifier: Modifier Title
      6.3 Enter Cost if there is additional cost for this modifier
      6.4 Toggle on Default Item if you want this modifier selected by default
      6.5 Click Add Modifier once all details are entered. This will add the modifier specifically to this menu item only. You can add multiple item-specific modifiers as needed. 

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