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OnDemand - How to set up OnDemand and the Mobile App

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This article gives a step-by-step guide on setting up OnDemand and the Mobile App for your facility.

Step 1: Navigate to settings, then click on Mobile App on the left hand side menu. 

Step 2: To add a function to your mobile app, click on Add on the right hand side. A pop-up window will display, and here you will be able to select which identifier you would like to add to your app, provide a title, and set the display order. Once you have entered this information, click Save.
To enable the feature on the Mobile App to order food, you will want to add the identifier OnDemand.

Step 3: To enable the OnDemand feature, click on Settings, followed by Register Settings on the left hand side menu. Then, click on the OnDemand tab along the top row, and check the box Enable OnDemand.

Currently at this time, if you would like to utilize OnDemand for certain times and days, you will simply toggle on and off from this setting.

Step 4: To enable a sub department to display on your Mobile app, navigate to Settings, then Register Settings, followed by the Department tab along the top row.

Step 5: Click on the gear wheel for the subdepartment you want available on the mobile app, toggle on Available for OnDemand, then click Save.

Step 6: To toggle on individual items within a sub category and not in its entirety, navigate to the register. Then, right click on the item and select Edit Inventory. In the item's pop-up window, along the bottom there is an option Available For OnDemand. Set this option to True, and click Update.
You can also navigate to Settings > Inventory Center > select View/Edit on item - To produce the same pop-up window to enable OnDemand for an individual item.

For more information and an overview of OnDemand, please refer to this article - Click Here

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