Making a one-time payment

Making a one-time payment

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The below steps describe how to make a one-time payment to your membership account such as paying off an invoice, making a deposit, or storing credit on your account. Either a credit/debit card or ACH account can be used to make a one-time payment.


Step 1: On the left-hand navigation menu select “View / Pay Invoice” (1). Along the top of the screen, you’ll have your current balance displayed (2) as well as a full list of your recently issued invoices (3).

Step 2: 
To submit a payment, you’ll need to input the payment amount you wish to add to your account (4). You’ll then select the “Add to Account” button (5).
Example: In the above image, I have a current balance of $522 (2) and the invoice highlighted (3) has an amount due of $420. I am choosing to pay my balance down to $0 by submitting the full $522 amount.

Step 3: On the next screen you’ll find the payment amount you input above (2), choosing the payment method (3), inputting the card or ACH details in (4), and finally selecting the “Process Payment” button to finalize the payment against your account.

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